Tuhdimmat Tahdit Festival is organized again next year in Ratinanniemi, Tampere from 4th to 5th of July 2025.

The address of the festival area is Ratinanniemen Festivaalipuisto, 33100 Tampere. It's located in the Tampere city centre, right next to the Ratina Stadium.


About 20 domestic and international heavy music bands will perform at next year's festival. Performers will be announced at a later date.


Tickets are sold by Lippupiste.

Two-day Early Bird tickets: 99,90 €
Two-day Early Bird PLUS tickets: 149,90 €

PLUS ticket includes: PLUS pass, own bar tent, toilets, enough seats and small salty snacks.

Two-day ticket will be exchange to wristband and all PLUS tickets are exchanged to wristbands and passes. One-day tickets won’t be exchanged to wristbands, they will be read at the gates. With a one-day ticket you can enter the festival area once.

One-day tickets will come on sale later.

Wristband exchange

When exchanging a wristband, a two-day basic ticket is exchanged to a wristband and all PLUS tickets are exchanged to a wristband and pass. The ticket must be changed to a wristband in person, as the wristband is placed directly on the wrist of the ticket holder so that they are fastened correctly and possible abuses are avoided. Loose wristbands are not given to anyone.

One-day basic tickets won’t be exchanged to wristbands, they will be read at the gates. With a one-day ticket you can enter the festival area only once.

Once you have the wristband, you can leave the area and come back as many times as you like by showing the wristband at the gate. Only an intact wristband entitles you to enter.

If you have a PLUS ticket that will be exchanged to a wristband and a pass, please take good care of both! Entry requires you to have both an intact wristband and pass.


Address: Ratinanniemen Festivaalipuisto, 33100 Tampere

Ratinanniemi is located in the city centre with good public transportation connections. We recommend that you arrive by foot, bicycle, electric scooter or public transport.

The entrance to the festival area is only via Ratinan Rantatie. If you come from the south, you need to walk around the stadium counter-clockwise: you can't go across the Ratinanniemi park. The exit is via both Laukonsilta and Ratinan Rantatie.

There is a separately marked parking lot for bicycles and electric scooters on Ratinan Rantatie. Please note that the parking lot is not monitored, so leaving a bike or electric scooter in the parking lot is at your own risk.

Train schedules can be found here. Bus schedules can be found here and here. The walking distance from the train and bus station to the festival area is quite short.

Tampere's regional bus and tram schedules and routes can be found here.

There's no parking area in the immediate proximity of the festival area. More information about parking spaces in Tampere you can find here.


Every customer arriving to Tuhdimmat Tahdit will go through a security check which is done to ensure that everyone can enjoy a safe and cozy festival. Please leave forbidden items at home or at the cloakroom so that the security check goes smoothly.

The security personnel have the right to take away objects and substances found during the security check that are prohibited at the event. There is a cloakroom outside the festival gates where you can leave large backpacks and beach bags, as well as items that are prohibited from being brought into the area.

Forbidden items:
– Large backpacks and beach bags
– All kinds of drinks
– Drugs
– Empty cans and alcohol bottles
– Glass bottles and jars
– Food (excluding small snacks e.g. fruits, candy, nuts)
– Firearms and bladed weapons and other instruments suitable for harm
– Explosives and fireworks
– Laser pointers and other similar items
– Video cameras and selfie sticks
– Camera stands
– Drones
– Umbrellas
– Any kind of chairs
– Pets
– Walkie-talkies
– Bright-colored vests that look similar to the security’s vests
– Hard cool packs (a cool pack using gel or other such material somewhat resembling a bottle)

Allowed item:
– One max 1,5 l plastic, transparent, deposit-free and empty bottle
– Small hand sanitizer
– Cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and their nicotine liquids
– Cameras (except video cameras)
– Sunscreen (highly recommended!)


The cloakroom is located next to the festival entrance, outside of the festival area. Cloakroom fee is 3€/person/visit. You will be given a cloakroom ticket which you need to return to the cloakroom to get your things back. Please take good care of your ticket!

Please take note that the cloakroom accepts only card as payment. We don't accept cash.

Lost and found

During the festival lost and found items are held at the cloakroom. If you find an item that isn’t yours, please take it to the cloakroom or give it to the nearest security guard. After the festival the items left at the cloakroom will be delivered to a location that will be announced after the festival: the lost and found items have been delivered to Pirkanmaan Löytötavaratoimisto (Suvantokatu 10). Check the opening hours and information:

Festival area services

The festival offers various varieties of food and drinks in addition to great live music. Merchandise and other festival products are sold at the festival area. There are also seats and tables in the festival area and you can fill your water bottle at the water area which will be marked on the festival map.

Payment methods

The festival is cashless this year and we accept only the most common payment cards. Please take note that we don't accept cash anymore.

Can deposit

The festival uses a 1 € can deposit and the deposit is paid for every can or bottle bought from the bar. When you buy a drink, you also pay the 1 € can deposit, which will be refunded to you when you return the empty can or bottle.

You can return cans and bottles to the bar. The can deposit will be refunded to your card. When you return the can or the bottle to the bar, you can use the deposit refund in a new purchase. Food merchants don't refund can deposits.

You can return max 5 cans and/or bottles for a refund at the same time. Collecting and returning cans and bottles systematically inside the festival area is forbidden.

Cans aren't allowed to be taken outside of the festival area and they can't be brought inside the festival area from the outside.

Please take note that the bars accept only card as payment. We don't accept cash.


Smoking is forbidden near the stages during performances. Please be considerate to other festival goers and smoke only at the marked smoking area.

First aid

There is a first aid tent near the festival entrance with professional first aid service.


Tuhdimmat Tahdit 2025 festival's media accreditation will be opened closer to the event. Accreditation is meant for media and music professionals only.


A customer can bring an assistant with them free of charge. The assistant policy applies to anyone with reduced mobility and needs an assistant for daily activities. If the customer has a two-day ticket or a PLUS-ticket, the ticket is exchanged to wristbands. The assistant needs to come to the wristband exchange at the same time to collect their wristband. We recommend that you carry a document with you that shows your need for an assistant, such as an assistant card, an EU Disability Card with an A symbol or a Visual Impairment Card.

There is an accessible viewing platform in the festival area with a view of the stage. The customer's assistant can accompany the assisted person on the platform when there is enough space.

Accessible toilets are located near the viewing platform and at the first aid station.

The customer has the right to bring the ancillaries, medicines and snacks they need for health reasons to the festival area. If you are unsure whether something is permitted or prohibited, you can inquire about it in advance by e-mail at: teemu.herva(at)

The Toilet Card

We want to promote the accessibility of our event by taking into account our customers who use the Toilet Card. At Tuhdimmat Tahdit, the Toilet Card is valid in all toilets in the festival area (excluding the backstage area).

We also hope that customers who use the Toilet Card will be taken into account by, for example, letting them go to the front of the toilet queue. The card holder has a health reason that requires immediate use of the toilet. The Toilet Card can be a physical card or a mobile version on the phone.

You can read more about the Toilet Card at


Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination principles 

Tuhdimmat Tahdit is a non-discriminatory event. We do not tolerate any form of harassment on the grounds of for example gender, ethnicity, colour or sexual orientation. If you encounter harassment or otherwise inappropriate or disruptive behaviour at the festival, please report it immediately to the security personnel or other staff.

Tuhdimmat Tahdit Festival also has a harassment contact person. They can be reached during the festival by phone, message or using the form. You can also contact the harassment contact person through the first aid and security personnel. All contacts directed to the harassment contact person are handled strictly confidentially and, if desired, also anonymously.

Harassment contact person:
+358 40 375 7509 (on call only during the festival)
Email: hairintayhdyshenkilo(at)
The harassment report form can be found behind this link.

Principles for a safer space

– Everyone is equally valuable to us. If you discriminate against others or treat others with disrespect, you may be removed from the event.
– Don’t assume and don’t name-call. You cannot assume, for example, another person's gender, sexuality, ability, wealth or background by looking at them.
– Respect people's integrity. You must not touch others without their permission. Sexual harassment is a crime and we have zero tolerance for it in our facilities.
– Violent behavior leads to removal from the event. There may be criminal penalties for inappropriate behaviour.
– Apologize if you have hurt others intentionally or unintentionally.
– If you experience discrimination, threats, harassment or see someone behaving dangerously, contact the staff. We promise to intervene and help you get out of the distressing situation safely.
– Our staff and performers have the same rights and obligations as our guests. They are here for you - respect their privacy as well, but don't hesitate to ask for help if needed.

Age limit

The age limit of the festival is 18.